Version 1.6 - Available on the App Store
An easy, fast and intuitive application for iPhone to track and record business expenses

iExpenses is an off-line iPhone application to help you register and track everyday business expenses and stay productive on the go. Simple and quick to use with excellent visual representations of each pre-defined category to record your expenditure. Templates can be utilised to record recurring expenses. iExpenses lets you create monthly expense reports, along with digital photo receipts, that can either be emailed directly to your headquarters or shared using Dropbox.

  • Seamless and quick transaction entry with pre-defined categories
  • Create new expenses and assign to projects
  • Unlimited number of projects with option to create, update and delete
  • Configure templates for recurring expenses
  • Capture expense receipts using iPhone camera
  • Generate Industry Standard monthly expense sheet
  • Print expense reports via AirPrint compatible printers
  • Send and share reports and images via Dropbox (Full Version)
  • Export reports in csv file format (Full Version)
  • Backup application to Dropbox (Full Version)
  • Send reports and images via email (Full Version)
  • Create expense reports by projects monthly and annually
  • Work off-line. No need for Wi-Fi or 3G 

iExpenses Lite - FREE



Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch. Requires iPhone OS 5.0 or later. WiFi, EDGE, or 3G network connection sometimes required.


iExpenses is the easiest, quickest and most user-friendly expenses app in the store! No more lost receipts, no more laborious data entry into excel spreadsheets. Simply record your expenses on the move, no need for WiFi or 3G connection. Using the pre-defined categories such as Mileage, Travel, Subsistence, it has never been easier to record your daily business expenses.

Mileage can be customised to your specific mileage rate and automatically calculates the cost per trip. Templates are provided that can be simply defined to meet recurring expenses. Using your iPhone camera, you can capture images of your receipts and attach to your monthly expense report and simply email to your chosen recipient/s. With the unique reporting feature, you can create monthly, annual or project reports at the touch of a button.

iExpenses allows you to track expenses against individual projects that you are currently working on and lets you create and manage as many projects as required at any given time. Project reports are then easily created to enable clear and consise project management results. There is also an additional feature which allows for integration with Dropbox, letting you share reports and images and also send as csv files. Secure your iExpenses data via backup with your Dropbox account.

The corporate version is available through Apple B2B Appstore.  To request the corporate version, please contact us



Version 0.9

September 2013
  • NEW Initial Release

Version 1.0

Released December 2013
  • FIX Minor bug fixes
  • NEW The possibility to ADD/UPDATE/REMOVE Projects
  • FIX Crashing report
  • FIX Wrong summary on the "Project Report"
  • NEW The possibility to disable the Project if no longer needed
  • NEW The possibility to change the Project name
  • NEW The possibility to edit "project list" from the "Expense Edit" form
  • NEW The "Project List" has been moved to a separate menu option
  • NEW Cancel button for non-saved expense records
  • NEW Zoom View for images
  • NEW Grouping name on the categories view
  • NEW The possibility to change grouping name for each category
  • NEW The possibility to disable the category 

Version 1.1

Released January 2014
  • FIX Landscape report view
  • FIX Error while saving images
  • FIX Project list display
  • FIX Removing projects fix
  • FIX Removing categories fix

Version 1.5

Released April 2014
  • NEW Dropbox Integration
  • NEW Excel / CSV Export 
  • NEW The possibility to ADD/UPDATE categories

Version 1.6

Available on the AppStore
  • FIX Decimal point for european countries
  • NEW Multi-currency option
  • NEW Yahoo integration - currency exchange rate
  • NEW Favourite currency 
  • NEW Previous exchange rate for all used currencies
  • NEW VAT - possibility to register the VAT value
  • NEW CSV Export with VAT
  • NEW CSV Export with Currencies

Version 1.7

Planned May 2014
  • FIX Project Edit error
  • NEW Timesheet functionality

Version 2.0

Planned September 2014
  • NEW The possibility to create reports
  • NEW The possibility to connect to ERP
  • NEW A centralised list of categories for a whole company (sync)
  • NEW A centralised list of projects for a whole company (sync + upload new projects)



Contact Us

iExpenses can be connected to any ERP system. If you require us to integrate iExpenses with your system, please send an enquiry and we will prepare a quotation for your consideration.

For general business enquiries or to report bugs, please contact us via the template.